ITTP 2018

MRC Integrative-Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP)

Call for PhD Studentship Applications

MRC ITTP 4-year studentships are available starting October 2018, funded by the MRC Toxicology Unit, to build expertise in toxicology and related disciplines to ensure the safe development of drugs, chemicals and consumer products, and assessment of risk from environmental exposure.

Applications must be submitted from potential academic supervisors with partners in industry, government agencies or other universities.  Applicants are first required to attend an Interactive meeting at the MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester on the 15th December 2017 to discuss ideas. If unavailable a senior representative can attend.

Projects should achieve cross-fertilisation between toxicology and other disciplines to predict the toxicity of chemicals and drugs as well as to develop an understanding of the chemical, pharmacological and biological processes involved.

The proposed work should be feasible for a PhD student and to successfully submit as a thesis within four years. A key feature is training which brings together established toxicology knowledge with other relevant sciences at an annual residential course.

Assessment criteria
Decisions will be reached on the basis of scientific quality, feasibility and the likelihood of success including;
• The novelty of the research proposal in the field of toxicology.
• The relevance of the proposal in the light of present toxicological concerns for human health.
• Proposals that span and use a variety of skills in in vivo and in vitro contexts.
• The likelihood of the applicant providing the appropriate scientific environment and guidance to students.
Applications will be ranked by the ITTP Steering Committee.

How to apply
Registration for participation in the Interactive meeting, and completed application forms should be sent to Prof Andy Smith and Rebecca Heatherley

The application form can be downloaded here

Deadline date

Deadline for the receipt of final applications will be 20th January 2018.









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