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Here are just a few comments we have received regarding our outreach programme:


School Outreach Days


I think the thing I enjoyed most was making the DNA in the labs and I want to say thank you to Thomas, the scientist that helped me, for being so exciting and for making it so fun. It was fascinating when we did the dry ice experiment and I really enjoyed it.  I especially enjoyed separating the DNA from the cell debris and seeing the two different parts so clearly.  I was fascinated by how much the DNA moved when we attached an electrical current to it. When we saw the DNA under ultra violet rays it was awesome to see the path of DNA. My favourite part of the trip was definitely making the plasmid DNA. I loved using the pipettes and it was really fun and interesting!”


Excellent activity, pupils were engaged and enjoyed the presentation.  We look forward to welcoming you back next year!” Beauchamp College, July 2014.


“Please pass on our most sincere thanks to your colleagues, Paul, Andrew and Debbie for their inspirational workshop at the Industry Day event at John Ferneley College.  The school also pass on their thanks for your involvement and for helping their students find out about STEM careers relating to Medical Research:”


“The college is very grateful to all the STEM Ambassadors who gave up their time to come and work with our students.” – A. Major, Head of Year, John Ferneley College.


“Thanks to the generosity of STEM Ambassadors we were able to give the students a wide range of career workshops that will help our students make informed choices in the future.” – D. Featherstone, Careers Advisor, John Ferneley College.  July 2014.


MRC Centenary Open Day 22 June 2013


Really excellent, day for all, from little tots to the grey and aged. So good. Please do another one before the next 100 years and so many thanks for the 120 ambassadors/helpers who gave up a whole Saturday. The kids both enjoyed it, particularly my son, who had set up a “science table” in his bedroom by the evening and was examining things down a microscope we’ve had laying around for years. We didn’t get a lie in the following morning, as we were woken by the noise of the blender mashing up peaches for DNA extraction and him asking where some nail varnish remover was to use as a solvent!!”

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