Dr. Ivano Amelio

Senior Investigator Scientist

Headshot of Dr Ivano Amelio

MRC Toxicology Unit
Hodgkin Building
Lancaster Road

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5592
Email: ia348@mrc-tox.cam.ac.uk

Qualifications and Personal History

Current Position (from Jun 2014): Senior Investigator Scientist, MRC Toxicology Unit, UK

Jan 2013-Jun 2014: Career Development Fellow, MRC Toxicology Unit, UK

Jan 2012-Dec 2012: Postdoctoral Scientist, VIB-University of Gent, Belgium

Apr 2011-Dec 2011: Career Development Fellow, MRC Toxicology Unit, UK

2011: Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Italy

2006: Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, University of Napoli Federico II, Italy


Selected Publications


    Amelio I, Inoue S., Markert E., Levine A., Knight R.A., Mak TW. and Melino G. “TAp73 opposes tumour angiogenesis promoting Hypoxia Inducible Factor degradation” PNAS-USA. 2015 Jan 6;112(1):226-31.

    Amelio I and Melino G. “The p53 family and the hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs): determinants of cancer progression”. Trends in Biochemical Science 2015 Aug;40(8):425-34.

    Amelio I., Cutruzzula’ F., Antonov A., and Melino G. “Serine and glycine in cancer metabolism”. Trends in Biochemical Science 2014 Apr;39(4):191-8.

    Inoue S, Tomasini R, Rufini A, Elia AJ, Agostini M, Amelio I, Melino G and Mak TW. “TAp73 is required for spermatogenesis and the maintenance of male fertility”. PNAS-USA 2014. Feb 4;111(5):1843-8.

    Amelio I, Markert EK, Rufini A, Antonov AV, Sayan BS, Tucci P, Agostini M, Mineo TC, Levine AJ and Melino G “p73 regulates serine biosynthesis in cancer”. Oncogene. 2014 33, 5039–5046.

    Amelio I, Lena AM, Viticchiè G, Shalom-Feuerstein R, Fortunato C, Terrinoni A., Russo GD., Bonanno E., Spagnoli LG., Aberdam D., Knight RA., Candi E. and Melino G. “miR-24 promotes epidermal differentiation by controlling actin adhesion and cell migration”. The Journal of Cell Biology. 2012 199(2):347-63.

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